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  • You can stream what I've played to your own computer by clicking the personal radio link above. It will launch another window that displays song info and the album art. It will ask you to open the playlist file with your default player. Just hit yes and enjoy, since my music tastes are, well, simply superb.

Whats on my DVR

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force | Cartoon Network
    Funniest show on TV.

    "Yeah? Well Darcula called and said he's coming over tonight...for you and I said ok."

  • Law & Order | TNT
    I don't watch that other SVU or CI crap. I stick with the hard stuff. No 4 year old rapes for me, sicko.
  • Modern Marvels | History Channel
    When you're too old to play with Tonka trucks and Legos, this becomes your substitute.
  • Northern Exposure | Hallmark Channel
    Best Show Ever. Period. End of story. If books were TV this is what they would look like. Also very critically acclaimed.
  • South Park | Comedy Central
    I really think this show is underrated. I know, I know, everyone already wacthes it, but the episodes they've been cranking out lately are some of the best television I've ever seen. You catch the Woodland Critter Christmas? Tell me you didn't almost piss your pants when they screamed blood orgy.
  • Wings | Nick at Nite
    I really don't know why I like this show. But it passes the time.

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